Work & Life Balance and Wellbeing Series at EKOL LOGISTICS

Ekol Logistics, one of the largest logistics companies of Europe, pursued its "Work & Life Balance and Corporate Wellbeing" trainings for a full year under the leadership of Ebru Şinik. As a result, Ekol Logistics, which holds the title of being the company that has acquired the most comprehensive wellbeing training in Turkey, has completed our work & life balance training series that continues for a year in the form of weekly one-hour online webinars and 10-minute wellbeing videos and notes.

Work & Life Balance and Wellbeing with Ebru Şinik

With its workforce of 8000 employees, Ekol Logistics Family showed great interest in the wellbeing training series led by Ebru Şinik in order to feel better, live a healthier life, and achieve a fitter and calmer body and mind balance by every single module of the webinar.

We are proud to complete such a meaningful project especially during the pandemic with Ekol Logistics, which is a leading company in our country on account of its very successful social responsibility projects for stray animals.

We also sincerely thank Ekol Logistics employees who studied and practiced the wellbeing notes sent to them every week.

The wellbeing movement, which follows a rapidly rising and irreversible trend as the new lifestyle in the world, is globally expanding and inspiring people as the institutions embrace this movement and value the life quality of their employees.