What are the benefits of Breathing Techniques Pranayama?

By Ebru Şinik - Wellbeing Instructor & Ayurveda Teacher and Holistic Health Author | Chopra Teacher

I have gained deep knowledge about Breathing Techniques for the past 12 years. I am still working on myself with these exercises. This is a discovery that is going to continue until the end of the time, because there are no limits to learning. When you think you have reached to some places, you realize of the existence of other realms.

Healty Breathing with Ebru Şinik

My book about breathing techniques “Health & Breath and Life “ is not spiritual, it is a technical book that anybody, who is able to think, can understand and practice. I am not qualified to write about the spiritual aspect of breath.

For anybody who is interested in that aspect, I listed some of the books written by the legendary masters and strong spiritual guides at the end of this book. I recommend looking at those books if you are interested in adding more wealth to your knowledge base.

At the end of practicing the Controlled Breathing Techniques, which is called Pranayama, in my book Health & Breath and Life:

  • Controlling stress,
  • Dealing with depression, insomnia, and anxiety,
  • Physical and mental relaxation,
  • Promoting weight loss by increasing your slow metabolism,
  • Balancing your digestive system, and supporting it to work properly,
  • Increasing your physical and mental strength,
  • Strengthening your concentration abilities,
  • Cooling off your body against hot flashes,
  • Supporting your thyroid and prostate glands to work regularly,
  • Increasing your courage and self-confidence,
  • Decreasing the feeling of hunger and thirst,
  • Creating a natural Botox look in your complexion,
  • Healing asthma by increasing the capacity of your lungs,
  • Adjusting the tone of your voice to a perfect level

plus, besides other physiological benefits, your abilities that are silently waiting to be activated, as well as to start discovering your true potential through a pleasant and exciting transformation. The hidden knowledge inside of you will come out as you become ready, and maybe it will guide you to find your true purpose in life, and making it a reality.

Ancient Breathing Techniques; not only do they calm the mind, at the same time, they also prepare the mind for meditation. The techniques that we were going to learn called “Pranayama”. It is an Sanskrit word, which has been used in the ancient language of India for the past 5000 years, and meant, “becoming a master in the life force”.

In summary, these Ancient Breathing Techniques, which are based on yoga science, were used for the past 5000 years for different purposes, and it wasn’t necessary to go far places and get cooped up in temples.

That day, I wasn’t aware that these Breathing Techniques were going to be a part of my life. I met the Ancient Breathing Techniques; in my first Meditation Instructor lecture at the Chopra Center.

I continued to learn and practice these techniques for the upcoming years. But I must confess that, even though I Dr. Chopra and Prof. Diab talked about the benefits of the Ancient Breathing Techniques, I wasn’t able to properly integrate them into my daily life and couldn’t feel the power of their transformation in my body, until I met Dr. Vasant Lad.